About Paul

Every day I meet managers, team leaders and supervisors that desperately want to do a great job for their organisations, and to be leaders their team members can look up to and respect – but they feel a bit stuck and aren’t sure how to do it.

I also talk to senior leaders and HR managers that need their middle managers to “step-up” this year and want to give their people some practical training and coaching to help them.

My training and coaching help managers, team leaders and supervisors:

⇨ Understand that they have two roles; to manage (their tasks) and lead (their people).
⇨ Develop greater self-awareness of how their personality and behavioural style affects and influences the way they manage and lead.
⇨ To use proven frameworks to achieve their objectives and tasks, and to be the leaders they are capable of becoming


⇨ The 7 Pillars of Management (2-day management and leadership training)
⇨ Improving personal effectiveness
⇨ Developing emotional intelligence.

If your looking to increase the knowledge, motivation and “work smarts” of your middle managers, team leaders, supervisors and emerging talents, please ask me to show you how I’ve helped hundreds of Australian organisations do just that over the past 20 years.