There Is No I In The Word “Team”

There is no I in the word "Team"

There is a saying that goes, “A team of champions can never beat a champion team.”

No matter how uniquely talented each of your individual team members are, if they cannot work cohesively as a tightly-knit team then your department will struggle to achieve its full potential. This is where teamwork comes in. Teamwork is one of the cornerstones of a team’s success.

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Leaders Focus on Outcome

Leaders Focus On Outcome

Have you ever thought intensively about some problem only to discover that the solution was simple and obvious? “How I didn’t think of it before?” or “How I didn’t think of it?”, (if someone else resolves the issue) are usual aftermath responds.

In her blog post published on her website,  Susan Mazza explains why this happens: people are too much focused on problems instead on desired outcomes.

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My Specialty Training

2017 Training Calendar

I’m known for having interactive, engaging and inspiring workshops and training that focuses on outcomes and results.

My training style is inclusive, engaging and interactive. Whether I’m running a one or two-day leadership program, or a short, three hour “express” session, I want your training to be practical, content rich and inspiring.

Off-site, conference, or in-house, all of my training and speaking is customised for your people’s specific needs.

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